What a Wedding Planner REALLY Does

If you’ve been stressed about planning your wedding and asking yourself “What does a Wedding Planner Do?” and “Will they help me?”, you’re in the right place. Having been helping stressed out couples relieve stress for almost 18 years I understand exactly what a Wedding Planner does. I think back to when I first started out by accident with Day of Coordination. I was along for the ride with an acquaintence who was learning to DJ and I fell in love. I began helping to run the ceremony & reception for clients and I haven’t looked back. Where most people freeze like deer in headlights I dive right in head first! I love planning weddings and I love getting to know my clients. One of the first questions that come up when I’m holding that initial meeting is: What will you do? 

Looking back over the amazing Wedding Days I’ve been a part of and hearing these fantastic brides say: “I don’t know what I would have done without you!” is one of the best feelings ever. Before you decide on whether or not to hire a Wedding Planner I think it’s important that you understand what we do, and what we don’t do. (For example, I can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound.)

1. Budget Prep & Break Down-

Yes, I know, this is one of the worse words to think about when planning a wedding. AND, it’s the word that usually controlls exactly what you can and can’t do. It’s the first and fastest thing that gets out of control too. But, with a great planner to help you understand, create, set, and manage your budget you’ll find yourself crying tears of joy instead of tears of shame and frustration. When you want something that’s unreasonable your planner will talk you back down as a friend would.

If you’re wondering how to get started on planning a budget you can check out our blog about how much the average wedding costs in Erie, Pa. Then reach out to our planner to set up a time to chat.

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2. Vendor Reccomendation-

After meeting with you, getting to know your Wedding Vision a bit and helping you plan a Wedding Budget based on your vision; your Wedding Planner will begin recommending other Pros that they know will work well for your vision AND be in your budget range. They’ll recommend pros they’ve worked alongside before they know they can trust. In addition to giving you this very essential information, if you’re considering using a vendor who has not worked well in the past or has a poor reputation they will tell you so you don’t make a decision you regret later.

This is where levels of Wedding Planners veer off as well. Some higher end planners in large cities will actually act as your liason by using your wedding account and hire the vendor for you. However, most will refer you and leave the financial transaction and contract to you. I’m the second planner. I feel that managing these decisions AND your money should be in your control.

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3. Wedding Design-

Wedding Design- Do Wedding Planners do this? The answer is YES and NO!! Not all Wedding Planners are creative experts who can come up with a whole design for you. If you want help with your wedding design add this question to your list before you hire. If a planner isn’t comfortable or knowledgable enough they will refer a pro who specializes in just that. Luckily, I attended a unique high school for art students and went to college for a year for interior design, so I am comfortable with visuals. In addition, I have experience as a photographer and have had training in that as well. Those skills have helped me create Wedding Designs for couples that are not only pleasing to the eye, but also look great in photos. Design usually includes helping with Wedding Color Palette selection and things like center pieces.

Our team also has a Decorating Team that many couples choose to add on as part of the Planning Package. Your planner helps create your design and the decorating team comes in to make it happen.

What Does a Wedding Planner Do

4. Planning Checklist & Wedding Schedule-

Unless you love chaos on your wedding day and flying blind, this is what EVERY bride needs. You really can’t hold a wedding without knowing what needs to be done….and when it needs to happen. What does a Wedding Planner Do? Well, most often this is it. I have couples come to me in every stage of planning. Creating a checklist and schedule is the most requested service I get. For my clients I have several task managers and tools I use to do this. Each of my clients receives a Monthly Guideline Pamphlet upon booking our service. This month by month guide helps our clients to understand how to pace themselves with planning so they don’t get overwhelmed. Along with that we email out monthly check ins to see how our clients are doing and setup any consults or meetings that need to happen to stay stress free and on track.

In addition to keeping a checklist going we also plan out your Ceremony Rehearsal and Wedding Day Timeline so everyone involved, including bridal party, family, and pros, know what they need to do and when. 

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5. Vendor Communication & Liason-

Going along with the above service that a Wedding Planner does is vendor communication. After recommending only the best wedding professionals and helping you decide what to budget for those pros, your planner is not going to leave you hanging. I reach out to each vendor a couple confirms with me that they reserved. This is an exciting step for me. I know who my other team members for the day will be. We all have the same goal: to make your Wedding Vision come true. And we always have a wonderful time working alongside each other to create that vision. 

Once you’ve told me what you want and need I will be as involved as you want me to with your vendor communication beyond letting them know we’re a team that day. I have couples who don’t want to talk to anyone but me and they rely soley on me. On the other hand, I have couples who are very hands on and love working with their vendors. Either way, I’m there for support and guidance. 

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6. Vendor Confirmation-

This service is tied hand in hand (kind of like you will be at your ceremony…YAY!!) with the vendor communication and the schedule creation. You might say it’s a “Marriage” between the two. I know, I get a little cheesy sometimes. But, after all that planning, the consults, and meetings and most importantly your day of schedule is complete and confirmed by you, your wedding planner will reach out and confirm everything with your vendors.

I reach out to every vendor delivering items to make sure they know what time to arrive. Also, I reach out to vendors like catering to make sure we agree what time food service begins. AND, if you’ve chosen other services outside of my company like DJ, Photography, or Photo Booth I will confirm what time they arrive for setup and prep. If you’ve hired my team for any of those items I will personally schedule their times based on your needs so we all know they’ll be there when you need them.

What does a wedding planner do

Check Out Our Other Wedding Services

Did you know we offer more than Wedding Planning and Decorating? I manage a team of professional Wedding Photographers, Videographers, Disc Jockey’s AND Photo Booths! Not only do you get the comfort in knowing you’re hiring a team that works well together all the time, you also get a discount on bundling your services together in one spot. This has helped many brides with their wedding budget.

7. Reminders-

What does a wedding planner do? Lots and lots of reminders. All through this process with you we’re going to be reminding you of every item you may need or want so nothing is overlooked. I take notes like a sleep deprived college student prepping for finals and I create reminders for myself and my clients based on those notes. In addition, I use Online Planning Forms set in chronological order to help my couples decide on what wedding items and traditions they want to have on their wedding day.

There’s a checklist for everything and everything will be on a checklist. Going alongside our other services for example: One wedding I was acting as Day of Coordinator had left the brides brother in law off the list of formal family photos by accident. Because I had a checklist of each family member with their name, relationship and role I was able to speak up during formal photos and he wasn’t left out. The brides family was very grateful he wasn’t left out. It’s an easy mistake to make in the craziness of the wedding day.

What does a wedding planner do

8. Ceremony Rehearsal Coordination-

Usually, the Ceremony Rehearsal is a HUGE chaotic mess. This is the first time everyone is all together AND they are all very excited and anxious for the wedding day. On top of that, I haven’t met an officiant yet that knew the background and traditions of a wedding ceremony outside of what happens at the alter. Who is seated formally? Which person escorts the VIP’s? When does the flower girl come in? Why does the brides stand on the left? No one knows…..except your Wedding Planner who will conduct your ceremony rehearsal like a kind hearted drill sargeant. We keep you on track with a gentle and encouraging smile on our faces. 

In addition to understanding the flow of your ceremony and keeping everyone on track, your planner now becomes your emotional support more than ever. Most brides and grooms experience that A-HA moments during the rehearsal. Nerves, exitement, and expectation can make you an emotional mess. Your planner wears many hats and tonight they will be your confidant and encourager. 

What Does a Wedding Planner Do?

8. Day of Coordination-

Ah, the relief of getting through the rehearsal…and it’s the Wedding Day!!! So many things could be running through your head, worrying you. But this is the BIGGEST role a Wedding Planner plays. She takes all of those overwhelming tasks on so they only thing you’re worrying about is what fruit to nibble on while getting your hair done. This is the service I get hired for the most often. It’s the peace of mind every bride wants and a wedding planner can deliver. Clip board in hand and cell phone in pocket, your planner begins crossing off all the checklist items one by one to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. 

In addition to checking on cake delivery, DJ arrival time and adjusting floral arrangements, your planner will check in on you! An encouraging smile is always welcome while busy preparations are happening all around you. And when it’s time to walk down the aisle, I’ll be right there to get you there.

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9. Wedding Details-

Last mention of the day is the Wedding Details. These are the things I’m handling while you’re enjoying the company of your bridal party and getting ready. Who puts out the wedding favors, place cards, and sets out the Cake Cutting display? That’s what a wedding planner does! I’m going to take care of those little last details to make sure everything is picture perfect. No chair sash is lop-sided, no favor is missing it’s bow and no candle goes unlit. 

After the small details are taken care of I manage the details that happen during the flow of the wedding day. Some of those are: pouring the champagne toasts on time or signaling the photographer for cake cutting or first dance time. Those details are all on the go and it’s where I really thrive. This is where your Wedding Vision really comes together to leave you with the most wonderful experience of all.

What does a wedding planner do?

So, What Does a Wedding Planner Do? 

Reading this list has tired me out. So, what do I do? A lot. I’m with my couples every step of the way from budget planning to Day of Coordination. I’m there to help with things like Wedding Etiquitte to wording your Invitations, deciding on if you should invite children, and when to ask for RSVP’s. I’ve pinned up a broken bustle minutes before the first dance and I’ve rearranged the reception timeline last minute when someone was injured and had to leave in an emergency. I’ve been alongside couples for the ride and been able to create an easy, stress free wedding day for them. I’ve made friends along the way. In fact, one of my Day of Coordinators began as a bride I worked with. One of my most trusted DJ’s was once a groom who’s wedding I served. I’m not saying we’ll end up working together. I’m saying I’ve made some pretty fantastic friendships along the way. 


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Think about it…always and forever…this is your BIG DAY! It has to be perfect and perfectly fun. It’s just the two of you and all your family and friends. A Wedding Photo Booth is the best way to capture the love, laughter, and joy of having everyone together celebrating with you on your one and only Wedding Day.

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