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I’m sure by now you’ve heard someone talking about having been to a wedding with a photo booth. Just what is a photo booth and how do you get one for your wedding? You might remember the boxy little novelty at the mall you squeezed into with a friend or 2 that printed out a grainy photo strip. Well, Photo Booths have come a long way, BABY!! Now they are mobile and offer a variety of print styles, templates, color options, and even camera options. Some booths are geared for social media sharing or even Instagram printing! How will you decide what booth is right for you? Of course, as a consumer the first thing you’ll think to ask about is price, but don’t let that be your deciding factor. You’ll need to choose a photo booth that suits your style and gives you the options that you are looking for. Let’s talk a little bit about the different styles of Photo Booth and what some of the most trusted wedding planning sites are predicting will be trending in 2021-22.

Different Styles


Enclosed Photo Booth Rental

We’ll begin with the traditional booth most people think of. In the industry, we call this type an ‘Enclosed Booth.’ It’s the kind I mentioned before that you’d see at a mall or a carnival. You can still get one of the enclosed box style booths that seat about two people, three if you’re willing to squish a bit, but they aren’t as popular as they once were and even if you do select that style, the product has gotten much better with the advancement in camera technology. Enclosed booths have their pros and cons. The most significant positive is the privacy it provides your guests during the photo session. But the reason these photo booths aren’t as popular is also the biggest pro. An enclosed booth, while allowing for more privacy, also limits your options and the FUN you can have. With room for only 2-3 people, many group photos are missed. Another huge limitation is the variety of backdrops you can select. You’re usually stuck with whatever is already a part of the booth.

Open Air Style Photo Booth

The rest of the photo booths we’ll go over are what we call ‘Open Air Style.’ This group includes your camera with a backdrop, a photographer taking photos, and the newer mirror booths. All have a backdrop set up that your guests stand in front of while their picture is taken. This group also includes The Social Booth. We’ll cover that later.

The ‘Photographer’ Booth

The ‘Photographer Booth’ is usually the cheapest option, but not always the best for entertainment. Your wedding photographer will sometimes offer an extra photographer (second shooter) with a backdrop to take photos of your guests during your wedding. It’s crucial to find out if your photographer provides props and on-spot printing. If they don’t your great deal could end up being a y massive disappointment for everyone. A Photographer Booth usually means your guests aren’t getting the experience of walking away with a wedding favor. They’ll have to wait for your photographer to edit the images at a later date and send them to you. The delay in delivery is probably why it’s not as popular as an option.

The ‘Social’ Booth

The ‘Social Booth’ is your next cheapest option. This style booth is usually run from a tablet, or I pad using special photo booth software. It captures the image and uploads it automatically to the internet where it’s available for social sharing. The most favorite sharing choice is on Facebook. For couples hoping to send their guests away with a unique wedding favor or wanting to create a memory album full of special moments, this is most likely not the booth for you.

The ‘Novelty’ Booth

The ‘Novelty Booth’ is usually up there on the price scale. It’s another version of an enclosed booth that’s built out of an old camper or a car. It’s a fun choice that typically provides you with photo prints and a variety of props for your guests to use. An example of a Novelty Booth is a camper that’s been retro-fitted into a photo booth.

The ‘Open Air Style’ and ‘Mirror’ Booth

Next, are the two trendiest choices in a photo booth that give you the most variety. The ‘Open Air Style’ booth and the new ‘Mirror’ booth. Both consist of a camera housed inside a shell which is set up about 3-6 feet in front of a backdrop. For the mirrored booth the shell is the mirror itself. Both of these provide a fun print for your guests to walk away with. They usually include a copy for the bride & groom as well. The Open Air Style and Mirror booths allow for maximum fun by making room for multiple guests to enjoy each session. In fact, if you want the privacy, an enclosed booth provides many Photo Booth Companies will offer you a privacy canopy as part of their service.

In closing: Not all Photo Booths are created equal, and it’s essential to take the time to ask a series of questions before deciding on which photo booth company is right for you. We’ll cover what questions you should be asking before deciding on what photo booth rental is right for you in another blog.

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