Planning Long Distance

Jackie & Donnie originally contacted us through an online Wedding Service website that we’re registered on. Because there is about 2 hours travel time between our office and their local area we spoke through email and phone calls. We first spoke with them about their needs for DJ Entertainment in mid-January. The couple booked our service about 2 weeks later. Because many of our clients lead busy lives or are planning long distance we use Online Planning Forms. As soon as Donnie & Jackie hired us for their Youngstown, Ohio Wedding we created their Online Planning Account & emailed out the link to them. This allowed the couple to give us important information such as the names of their other vendors and the music selections they wished to hear. Carlyn K Photography was there capturing sweet moments. The couple hosted their reception at Lucianno’s Banquet Hall in Youngstown.

Including Their Heritage

It was important to both the bride & groom that their unique heritage be included in their wedding. While most couples choose to honor their heritage with music and sentimental traditions, this couple broke the mold. Donnie & Jackie wanted to have some fun at their wedding so they opted to play a twist on the normal Garter & Bouquet moments. We planned ahead with the couple for this unique twist. We arranged to have the bride’s chair placed directly in front of our DJ booth during the garter removal. This allowed one of our staff members to crawl under the table where we had a box of props waiting. Once Jackie was seated he pushed the box under her dress from behind so none of the guests were aware. Instead of pulling a garter from the brides leg, Donnie instead pulled props that represented their heritages out. Items the couple selected made their guests roar with laughter. At one point he pulled out a baby doll and told her she had some explaining to do. It was hilarious.

The surprises weren’t over, however. To finish up this twist the groom pulled out the bride’s toss bouquet last which had the garter wrapped around it. We brought along our famous football prop and the groom hiked the garter ladened football into his crowd of eligible bachelors. The bride had a whole other surprise waiting for her single ladies. Instead of one lucky girl getting a bouquet, the bouquet burst apart in mid air, raining down roses for each lady present. The couple also presented flowers to their mother’s to honor them. After the garter & bouquet festivities we re-opened the dance floor for this energetic crowd.

The Challenges

Every event we work at has unique challenges that allow us to grow and learn.  Because this Youngstown, Ohio Wedding was long distance for us the main challenge was to schedule face to face meetings and arrange site visits with the venue. A site visit to a new venue is a must for any successful Disc Jockey.  We also had to be very flexible for this couple as music selections changed several times for their key moments. Another aspect of a dedicated DJ is keeping open communication and recording any changes so you can fulfill your client’s requests.

If you’d like to talk to a Certified Wedding Coordinator about how we can meet your challenges and fulfill your requests please contact us today! We’d love to hear from you!

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