5 Eye-opening Reasons Wedding Style is Important

Wedding Style - Wedding Planning - Weddings in Erie Pa

What No One Tells You About Choosing Your Wedding Style

Style used to be this rigid idea reserved for those well-known icons of fashion, but as fashion has evolved, so has our understanding of style. Today, it’s all about how you carry yourself, how your outfit makes you feel, and the vibe you give off. Think of wedding style in the same way – it’s not just about the traditional poofy dresses and generic menus anymore.

Nowadays, weddings are all about personalization and matching your unique tastes. From the colors and fashion choices to the decorations and food selections, every detail can be tailored to create a specific atmosphere that reflects who you are. When you nail down your wedding style, you’re essentially creating harmony that ties everything together seamlessly.

Just like how the golden ratio brings balance to art, a well-defined wedding style helps couples maintain that perfect balance throughout their special day. It’s not just about the look; it’s about creating an experience that resonates with you and your guests, making your celebration truly unforgettable.

Wedding Style - Wedding Planning - Weddings in Erie Pa

Knowing Your Wedding Style Keeps You On Track

When you and your fiancee sit down early on and talk about your own love story, your personalities and just…what sets you on fire…you’ll find your wedding style. Knowing your wedding style is the #ONE key to success on your wedding day. Deciding from the beginning what your style is will help you in every single decision you’ll make for the rest of your journey. Think of it like a map. Anytime you start to get off track because you get excited by a new trend that first decision about your wedding style is going to bring you right back around. After all, does it really makes sense to hire a taco truck for your elegant, romantic wedding at a seaside resort? Or does it make more sense to indulge in dainty crab cakes and fruity cocktails. Above all, your wedding style will be a guide for you during the planning process that will help everything else gel if you’re not sure. 

If you still aren’t sure about how to handle planning even after setting a style, contact a wedding planner. It’s what they do for a living. (Really…check it out in the link…) Wedding Planners are experienced in understanding how to put together a celebration that focuses on your style seamlessly. 

Your Wedding Style Will Help You Choose Vendors

Understanding your wedding style right away is actually going to help you choose the perfect wedding vendors for you! What vendors? Oh…all of them. The list is long too. On the top of that list will be your wedding venue. Your wedding venue, above all other vendors, sets the tone for your wedding day. We’ll go into that a little more in the next point. After you choose the ideal venue you’ll pick your 3 Most Important Wedding Pros: 

  1. Your Creative Team: Photo & Video
  2. Your Musical Entertainment
  3. Your Catering Service

We’ll give the example again of that seaside resort. It’s breezy, light and relaxing. Choosing a Wedding Photographer who’s style is vibrant & realistic or light & airy makes far more sense than one who’s style is dark & moody. Those dark, grainy images may stunningly tell the love story in an old mansion in the autumn, but your sunny and bright seaside summer wedding won’t be nearly as stunning in that style. Same rules apply for entertainment and food. You’ll want everything to ‘gel’ on your wedding day.

Wedding Style - Wedding Planning - Weddings in Erie Pa
Wedding Style - Wedding Planning - Weddings in Erie Pa

Wedding Style Sets the Overall Mood

As we talked about a little bit before, your wedding style sets the tone..or mood of your wedding day. The most obvious way is in your wedding venue selection. I have always wanted to plan and photograph a seaside wedding so we’ll keep jumping back to that idea. Our pretend couple is elegant, romantic and loves light & airy style. So, they chose a seaside resort with marble floors and an open portico with stunning views of the water. After they chose their style, it wouldn’t have made much sense to book a rustic barn in the middle of a llama farm or your everyday hotel banquet room. Can you imagine trying to decorate a barn with wooden walls and haystacks in the distance with the vibrant corals and aqua that so perfectly suit a seaside wedding style? It would look ridiculous and your guests wouldn’t get it. The venue, above all else, sets the mood and really captures your wedding style. 

What do you imagine the wedding style was for this real wedding in the featured photo?

Make Your Guests Comfortable with Wedding Style

You heard me right. Setting a Wedding Style and sticking to it will absolutely make your guests feel welcomed and comfortable. How? I’m so glad you asked!

First, your wedding style should be included in your wedding invitation. Your guests are going to excitedly look up your wedding venue as soon as they get the info. Knowing it’s at an elegant seaside resort (yeah, I went back there..don’t judge) will tell them what style clothing to wear to feel comfortable. If it’s on a farm, expect cowboy boots. Secondly, using your color palette can help them decide what outfits to choose as well. Next, knowing your wedding style can help them understand what they’ll be dining on that day and boy will they be thrilled with something other than the run of the mill italian meatballs. Seaside resort with crab cakes and a citrus glazed salmon steak!! Cheers to the welcoming meal! 

Wedding Style - Wedding Planning - Weddings in Erie Pa
Wedding Style - Wedding Planning - Weddings in Erie Pa

Your Wedding Style Tells YOUR Story

This last point is usually the only one most couples think of. Your Wedding Style tells the story of who you are, how you met and how you fell in love. Let’s go back to our seaside resort wedding. Let’s say they met relaxing on the beach at the seaside and fell in love strolling along that beach hand in hand. That resort makes sense now. 

In addition to the venue you’ll want to choose a bunch of little details to add to your wedding style. The flowers, colors, guest seating chart, fabric, activities, music, etc. Even your menu and desserts can all enhance the experience and help tell your story. 

So, now you understand just a little bit more about why your wedding style is so important to your wedding day. It’s useful in so many ways from the wedding planning process to making your vendor choices. First and foremost it’ll save you so many headaches and so much stress realizing that those little party favors you dumped $800 on don’t remotely match your wedding style. And then there’s the benefit of your wedding guests feeling welcome and like they really matter..cause we know they do. You didn’t choose to spend upwards of $75 a person for food and drink if they didn’t matter to you. And finally, it gives you an unrestricted way to express yourself and share your love story with the people that matter most to you. 

If you’re not sure how to pick a style or how to go about picking pros that fit your style and making it all come together, a wedding planner is the way to go. Luckily, (wink wink) we know someone who does that…..

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