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Erie Wedding & Event Services knows that your life is full of milestones moments that write your unique story. Whatever milestone you’re celebrating we’re here to help you Create & Capture your Unique Experiences to turn them into amazing memories you’ll never forget. Weddings, crucial life moments such as graduation, new additions to your family, new jobs, and more….we work alongside you offering the highest quality Planning, Photography, Disc Jockey, Videography, and Photo Booth Rentals to make celebrating your achievements become more than you ever expected.

To sum it up, Erie Wedding & Event Services specializes in Creating & Capturing Your Moments. In fact, that’s our Company Motto. And, I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s our passion too. Making your celebrations epic moments that become unforgettable memories is our full commitment. Every service area of our company is carefully cultured to the highest quality by hand selecting only the most talented professionals with the most passion we can find. None of our work is EVER contracted out to a person you wouldn’t have selected for yourself. Our team members go through an extensive training program and apprentice under our Team Leaders for several years before they are ready to take on a Wedding or Event on their own. This goes for our Planners, Day of Coordinators, Disc Jockeys, Photographers, Videographers, and even our Photo Booth Attendants. We want you to rest assured that the success of your milestone is in the hands of professionals who understand just how important it is to you. You can find out more about the services we offer by scrolling through and selecting any service that you’re interested in. And please, reach out with any questions you have. We are delighted to talk with you about your big plans.


Our team of Wedding Planners & Coordinators offer 3 planning packages. Our Full Planning assists couples every step of the way from creating a budget to choosing the perfect vendors to Day of Coordination. Our Classic Coordination Package helps after the main vendors have been hired and you’re in need of more focused help creating your Day of Timeline and Managing the overall wedding day. Finally, our Mini Planning Package is a consult session with our lead planner to help create a realistic budget and refer you to the best pros. 

We have 2 main Wedding DJ packages, The Classic & The Premium. Our Classic Package provides you with a dedicated MC, a DJ (Your sound technician) and dance floor lighting. It is the ideal package for those on a smaller budget who still want excellent service. Our Premium Package adds our beautiful uplighting and a stunning monogram light to the equation to really elevate your day. We also have Ceremony Sound that you can add on. 

Our Catering Company takes into consideration dietary needs such as dairy and gluten allergies as well as Vegan & Vegetarian lifestyles. Our Head Chef as already curated a menu to include many allergen free dishes, but all of our dishes can be modified to accommodate dietary needs. In addition, weddings & events that may have just a few individuals with dietary needs can order separate meals A La carte.  

We are able to offer tastings for our meals. Tasting fees vary depending on what dishes are being requested. Each tasting session with include a choice of 3 entrees and 4 accompaniments in miniature portions. To give you a good idea of what we provide. Tastings occur at our partner kitchen in North East Pa

We offer 5 Wedding Photography options. Each has a set amount of coverage hours and photo delivery. Our most popular option is the Inspirations Collection which typically covers from Getting Ready until after all your important moments are done. For those wanting all day coverage our Timeless Collection will ensure your photo team is there from beginning to end. All of our regular packages include 2 shooters and an online photo gallery. For those with more intimate wedding plans we also offer an “Elopement” package that only covers 3 hours, but is perfect for ceremony and formal photos. 

This is a great question as every single wedding photographer is unique in how they handle editing. In our experience, our team average a 6-12 week delivery time based on the season of the year your wedding is in. Weddings in the fall tend to have a longer editing schedule as our team is juggling many weddings and other sessions during that popular time of year which is followed immediately by the holiday season. However, a wedding in April or May can expect to have their photos back just a little quicker as our team is not as busy. 

Not only can you select music for your wedding day, we insist on it. We firmly believe it takes a full team to create a successful wedding and that means..(excuse the pun) marrying your likes and dislikes with our experience to create the best day imaginable for you. We will provide you planning forms that will walk you through every essential aspect of your wedding day to ensure you don’t forget to pick a song for each moment. And, don’t worry…you’re not completely on your own here. If you’re stuck or need suggestions, our team has been doing this for more than 20 years. We have a ton of suggestions to help you and we’ll base our suggestion off of your musical taste. 

We absolutely provide videography service. But, we like to consider is Wedding Film service instead. Gone are the days of shaky video on a home camera with cheesy advice from wedding guests. Our team works with professional equipment similar to what you’d see on a movie set to capture clips (or scenes) from your wedding day. They then bring it back to our studio to expertly ‘weave’ it together into a beautiful story of your wedding day. Your own cinematic short wedding film. We always deliver a 7-10 minute short film alongside a 60 second teaser that’s perfect for uploading and sharing on Facebook and Instagram. If you long for more of your day we offer a few upgrades such as a full ceremony video or our 1 hour documentary style film. Oh…and it’s important to us that you know…we don’t deliver like the other guys. You’re not getting one chinzy copy on a DVD. We deliver on a private web URL that’s hosted for 10 years and you get to do whatever you want with it. Download 100 times, share the URL to your out of state family, whatever you want…it’s yours. 

Wedding Film Production is a bit more work than wedding photos. Our photo team sorts through a few thousand photos, picks only the best, polishes them to perfection and sends them out. But, much like in Hollywood, good editing takes time. It can take years for Disney to produce a movie. There’s a lot going on. You have to line up shots, sync audio to video and then line it up again and sync it again. And after that you get to sync it to the music score and line it up again. With 2 shooters and up to 12 hours of video clips and audio clips to sort through and sync it can take the team up to 16 weeks to produce a wedding film they are happy releasing. 

This question always seems loaded to me. Because, when most people are asking this they really wanna know…which instagram filter will you throw on my photos? And trust me, I see SO MUCH of this in the local wedding industry. Photographers calling themselves light and airy or moody and they’re literally just throwing a premade filter on a photo. But, in reality, a good photographer does most of that work in the camera and barely needs polishing afterwards. We shoot to real life. And if you want your images to look moodier or more bright and airy, we’ll take that into consideration as we’re capturing the day. And after we’re done polishing those photos to perfection we’ll go back in and tweak anything we feel needs done to fit that ‘style’ you’re craving. But what style really means…to us…is how we capture images. And wedding photography means we have to be able to swing from shooting like a journalist….capturing action while it’s happening…to shooting like a portrait photographer in a more traditional sense..and then we have to throw in our own creative touches to add more artistry to the images. I know that’s a mouthful, but that is how we handle our work. 

We already help with Destination Style weddings. Erie Pa…is one of the HOTTEST spots for Destination Style Weddings. I know, hard to believe, right? But about 50% of our weddings each year are destination style. So, we’ve developed specialized online tools to make planning with us easier no matter how far apart we are. 

But you might mean…will we travel with you? Um…HECK YEAH WE WILL? We’d love to fly off to Denver or the Bahamas or somewhere else that’s really really awesome. We do have special packages and rates to accommodate our team traveling with you. Our DJ & Photo Booth team can’t always tag along, if it requires air travel because of the equipment and our Catering team finds it hard to cook outside of their kitchen as well. But the Photo and Video teams are ready to hide in your suitcases and go!

Do we have photo booth rentals? OF COURSE!! In fact, I might be a little partial but I think ours is the 150% best in the area. Why? Because NO ONE else does it the way we do. Our Classic Rental offers you a choice of 6 fun themes with matching prints & props. But our Premium Rental CREATES a unique print and Welcome screen based on your specifications as well as allowing you to choose from our 6 themes. Not a single other photo booth rental company lets you pick your theme and prop sets…and curtain. No one else in the area offers a green screen enhancement either. 

Just in case you didn’t read the answer above. Yes we can customize for you and with our Premium Package we will. I’ve personally designed wedding templates from scratch based on the couples colors, theme, flowers, etc. Last October I had a Wine Themed Wedding and according to the bride I nailed it on the design. She even sent me a copy of their invitation afterwards to show how close I got that design to their vision. Not only will we use your colors and elements, but I go as far as trying to match your fonts as well. 

How do we handle wedding day timelines? By strictly adhering to them and ensuring they happen as decided on earlier…except when we don’t. What I mean by that is our team has been doing this for a VERY long time. We have experienced EVERYTHING that can happen at a wedding and we know that even the most carefully laid plans will go awry. So, our team is trained to follow that timeline unless an emergency happens that requires us to be flexible so we can correct an issue without you every even knowing about it. Just read some of our reviews to see. The 2 things we get complimented on most is our communication and flexibility. 

If you’re hiring our team for full planning than we will be there to help you with choosing the perfect color palate to discussing what fabrics to use and what elements will best tie in with your day. That’s part of being passionate about weddings. But even if you don’t hire us for full planning and you instead trust our coordination team for the day of work…you can still add on our decorating service. We have 2 options. You can rent decor from us and we’ll build you a quote that includes the decor and the decorating and clean up service OR you can DIY your decor and our team will decorate for you on your wedding day to leave you free to get fabulous with mimosas and a fruit tray. 

If the Destination Wedding is far enough away our team will need a few days prior to the wedding and the night of the wedding in a hotel and their meals covered. So, we’ll do a little research and we’ll quote you based on what it will cost to cover that as part of your wedding package. If it’s a closer wedding that still may require an overnight stay then the couple is responsible for covering one night in a hotel for each team member of the opposite sex. For instance, if we send 2 male shooters they don’t mind sharing a room, but it would be mighty uncomfortable for 2 team members who aren’t married to explain to their partners why they stayed overnight with another person. 

There are packages including any of the services that you want in any combination that you request. Most of our services even offer what we call a “bundling” discount. Basically, for each service you add we’ll deduct 5% off the service fee total. That’s because you’re saving us a ton of money on our end. It costs us less to send one van out to a wedding with all our equipment in it than to have to send 4 vans out in different directions and pay a manager to be in the studio to do the equipment check out on each van. So, we pass the savings on to you. Now, not every service is discountable. Things like Elopement Photography or Micro DJ that are already priced as low as possible can’t be lowered any more. And Catering is another area we can’t discount because we don’t directly own that service. The Head Chef has been with our company in other capacities for 10 years, but he owns it as a separate, partner business. 

Because planning and executing a successful wedding takes time, we will not book Photo or Video less than 5 months before the date. (Unless it’s Elopement, we get that’s sometimes quicker.) DJ & Photo Booth require 3 months as does Catering. Our Planning team will not take a wedding less than 6 months out and they prefer 8 or more. Honestly, your best option is to book all of your major service 10-12 months before your wedding date for the most success.

Once a wedding is booked we begin turning down other weddings for that day so we can focus completely on yours. That being said, your retainer is the guarantee that we cannot work on that day if you cancel or reschedule so we cannot rebook. AND, the retainer actually pays our team for all the pre-work they do such as consult meetings, story boarding, getting to know you, venue visits, and buying any additional equipment or props. So, it’s never refundable except for death of one of the partners. However, if you choose to reschedule and transfer your date within one year of your original wedding date we will apply your balance to your new date. But, if there have been fee increases since your original contract you will be responsible for the fee increases. We only increase to cover for business costs such as gas or employee wages going up. 

Sure thing! We have a few happy couples who are extroverted and love sharing their story. We also have online reviews on Google you can check out and we have online galleries you can see to check out the quality of our photography and a youtube channel you can view for clips of our wedding films. 

Erie Wedding Services

Finding the perfect wedding service in Erie, PA can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Erie, PA is home to Erie Wedding & Event Services a top-notch wedding service provider, we are dedicated to making your special day unforgettable. Whether you are looking for a magnificent venue, a talented photographer, or a skilled wedding planner, you’ll find it with Erie Wedding & Event Services in Erie, PA.

The wedding service providers of Erie Wedding & Event Service in Erie, PA understand that every couple’s dream day is unique. They offer a variety of services tailored to your needs and preferences, whether you envision a traditional wedding or a more contemporary celebration. With their extensive experience, they help to bring your vision to life, ensuring every detail is meticulously planned and executed.

Moreover, Erie, PA wedding service providers From Erie Wedding & Event Services are known for their exceptional customer service. They work closely with couples, listening to their ideas and concerns, offering suggestions, and providing constant support throughout the wedding planning process. They go above and beyond to ensure the wedding day runs smoothly, allowing the couple and their guests to fully enjoy the celebration.

In conclusion, if you’re planning a wedding and looking for exceptional wedding service, in Erie, PA, then Erie Wedding & Event Services is the place to be. With a broad range of high-quality services and professional providers, you’re sure to have a wedding day that you and your guests will remember fondly.

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Wedding DJs

Discover the perfect soundtrack for your special day with our professional wedding DJs. Skilled in curating music that resonates with your style, our DJs ensure a memorable celebration. From romantic ballads to dance floor hits, experience seamless entertainment that keeps your guests entertained all night long. Choose our wedding DJs for an unforgettable experience.

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Wedding Planning

Transform your wedding dreams into reality with our comprehensive wedding planning services. Our experienced planners meticulously organize every detail, from venue selection to decor, ensuring a stress-free journey to your big day. Trust our expertise for a seamless, personalized wedding that reflects your unique story. Make memories to cherish with our professional wedding planning.

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Catering for Weddings

Indulge in exquisite culinary delights with our dedicated wedding catering services. Our professional chefs create mouthwatering menus tailored to your taste, offering a diverse array of dishes to impress your guests. From elegant plated dinners to relaxed buffets, we provide high-quality catering that enhances your celebration. Experience unforgettable dining with our wedding catering.

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Wedding Photographers

Capture your special moments with our professional wedding photographers. Specializing in authentic and artistic photography, we preserve your memories in timeless images. From heartfelt exchanges to joyful celebrations, our photographers document every emotion with precision. Trust us to narrate your love story through captivating visuals. Choose our wedding photographers for memories that last a lifetime.

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Photo Booths for Weddings

Inject fun into your wedding reception with our interactive photo booths. Offering a unique entertainment option, our photo booths capture candid moments, providing instant keepsakes for your guests. With a variety of props and backgrounds, everyone can create enjoyable memories. Choose our wedding photo booths for a delightful addition to your celebration.

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Wedding Videographers

Relive your cherished moments with our expert wedding videographers. We craft beautiful narratives, capturing the essence of your special day in high-quality films. From heartfelt vows to lively dance-offs, we encapsulate all the emotions and details in a cinematic keepsake. Trust our wedding videographers to create a timeless tribute to your love story.

Erie Event Services

Your Milestone Celebration or Corporate Event is fully covered under our services. We offer professional DJ, Photo Booth, Photography, Videography, Planning and Catering for your next event.
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Disc Jockeys - DJs

Energize your event with top-notch Disc Jockeys in Erie, PA. Our DJs bring life to your celebrations with customized playlists and exceptional sound experiences. Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate event, or private party, our professional DJs ensure a vibrant atmosphere that keeps the dance floor packed. Book an Erie DJ today for a night filled with rhythm and fun!

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Event Planning

Make your event in Erie, PA, a standout success with our expert event planning services. From intimate gatherings to large-scale celebrations, our local planners craft bespoke experiences tailored to your vision. Our attention to detail, creative designs, and seamless execution ensure a stress-free and spectacular event. Trust Erie's finest to bring your occasion to life. Contact us to start planning today!

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Catering for Events

Delight your guests with exceptional catering for events and parties in Erie, PA. Our culinary experts serve up a feast of flavors, tailored to impress and satisfy. From elegant hors d'oeuvres to sumptuous buffets, our catering services provide the perfect blend of taste and presentation. Partner with Erie's catering specialists for an experience your guests will savor.

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Capture life's moments with the finest photographers in Erie, PA. Our professional photographers specialize in turning your milestones into stunning visual stories. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for perfection, we ensure that each photograph reflects the beauty and emotion of your special occasions. Book an Erie photographer now for images that speak louder than words.

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Photo Booths Rentals

Add instant fun to any event with our Erie, PA photo booth rentals! Perfect for weddings, parties, and corporate events, our photo booths provide endless entertainment and instant keepsakes. With a range of props and custom backgrounds, guests can snap hilarious, heartwarming photos to treasure forever. Book your Erie photo booth today for a truly interactive experience!

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Preserve your memories with leading videographers in Erie, PA. Our cinematic storytelling captures the essence of your events, creating beautiful, emotive films. With state-of-the-art equipment and a creative approach, our videography services ensure that every laugh, tear, and dance is recorded for eternity. Choose Erie's talented videographers for a timeless video narrative of your most precious moments.

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Expert Planning

Erie Wedding & Event Services offers unparalleled expertise in organizing events that flow seamlessly. Our planners are adept at coordinating every element, from timelines to vendor management, ensuring your day is executed flawlessly. With our guidance, you’ll avoid common planning pitfalls, save time, and enjoy a stress-free experience, leaving you free to revel in the joy of your occasion.

Customized Catering Options

Our catering service is a culinary delight, offering customized menu options to suit every palate. From locally sourced ingredients to diverse cuisine styles, Erie Wedding & Event Services ensures a dining experience that complements your event theme and dietary preferences, making every meal not just a dish, but a conversation starter.

Professional Photography and Videography

Capturing the essence of your event, our photographers and videographers provide professional, high-quality imagery. With our artistic vision and attention to detail, we ensure that the memories of your special day are preserved in stunning visual formats, telling your story with every picture and film, so you can relive the moments for years to come.

Dynamic DJ Entertainment Services

he entertainment you choose can make or break your event's atmosphere. Erie Wedding & Event Services boasts an array of entertainment options, including skilled DJs with a knack for reading the room and keeping guests engaged. Our entertainment services promise to create an unforgettable ambiance, ensuring a lively, enjoyable experience for all attendees.

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