The 5 Best Wedding Guest Book Ideas That Will Wow Guests

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Cute Wedding Guest Book Ideas

There is no better way to remember your  guests than by creating a wedding guest book. A guest book is a wonderful way to capture all of the sweet memories made at your wedding. Not only will you have a keepsake to cherish, but you’ll also be able to read through it and laugh at some of the funniest comments your friends and family made. But you don’t want any run of the mill old guest book. Your Love Story is unique and every aspect of your wedding day should reflect that. Here are our favorite Wedding Guest Book ideas!!

Erie Wedding & Event Services - Wedding Photographers - Wedding DJs - Wedding Planning Tips - Erie Pa Planning - Unity Ceremony Ideas

Engraved wooden sign in guest book

A rustic wooden sign with a carved inscription provides a beautiful addition as a wedding guest book. The uniqueness of this sign ensures that it will be remembered long after the wedding has passed. This is an excellent way to commemorate the special day and thank each individual who participated. Unlike a traditional book that will get dusty on a shelf, this is a wedding day token you’ll treasure as it hangs on your wall next to your wedding photos. There are plenty of local artists and online stores to purchase these cute items from. Check with your photographer, they may have some suggestions. 

Drop In Frame Wedding Guest Book

The Drop-in Frame Wedding Guest Book is super cute and fun! The idea is simple. You purchase a hollow double paned picture frame and wooden tokens. Some models come with tokens already. The wedding pictures chose heart tokens that they purchased on their own. Depending on the size of the tokens you select the guests can either sign just their names or leave a well wish also. 

Important to note: Make sure to purchase non-bleeding permanent markers for your guests to use and leave printed instructions on the table to ensure guests slide their tokens in front facing out. 

Erie Wedding & Event Services - Wedding Photographers - Wedding DJs - Wedding Planning Tips - Erie Pa Planning - Unity Ceremony Ideas
Erie Wedding & Event Services - Wedding Photographers - Wedding DJs - Wedding Planning Tips - Erie Pa Planning - Unity Ceremony Ideas

Vinyl Wedding Guest Book

When it comes to wedding guest books, there’s just nothing like a tangible piece of history from your big day. But what if you could also have something beautiful and unique to show for all of your guests’ memories? Vinyl records can be turned into wonderful wedding guest books that not only look great, but are also a fun and nostalgic way to commemorate your special day. The vinyl pictured here is actually of the bride & groom’s first dance song. I can’t imagine a better way to preserve those precious moments by combining your guests well wishes with the love and excitement of your first dance. 

Wedding Guest Book Custom Sign

Next on our list of cute and clever wedding guest book alternatives is the Wedding Sign! You can barely see this sign peeping out in this image, but there it is taped up to a mirror. The theme of this wedding was Woodland Fairytale and the Guest Sign In defintely fit the theme. A water color tree displaying the couples names and wedding date was printed on hearty recycled paper. 

This type of wedding guest book is one of the most customizable to choose. This couple had one created that perfectly accented their personalities and love. 


Erie Wedding & Event Services - Wedding Photographers - Wedding DJs - Wedding Planning Tips - Erie Pa Planning - Unity Ceremony Ideas
Erie Wedding & Event Services - Wedding Photographers - Wedding DJs - Wedding Planning Tips - Erie Pa Planning - Unity Ceremony Ideas

Photo Booth Keepsake Book

You may be thinking “Whoa…whoa… does this work?” How can a Keepsake Book from a Photo Booth be a Wedding Guest Book? It’s super easy, barey an inconvenience! Not to mention, this is the BEST idea on our list? Why? Because it preserves actual photo fun of your guests right next to their signature and well wishes. Oh, and it also doubles as a wedding favor. A lot of people think a photo booth rental is out of their price range. But when you factor in the cost of a Wedding Guest Book, a table rental for the book, linens, decor, AND Wedding Favors for all your guests…it’s a no brainer! Erie Photo Booth will take care of your customized photo booth rental. 

In conclusion, there are many great ideas for wedding guest books. If you are struggling to come up with an idea, these suggestions should help get you started. Be sure to choose something that will reflect your personality and style as a couple. And don’t forget to have fun with it!

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