Fun Wedding Send-Off Ideas That Will Make Your Guests Smile!

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Memorable Wedding Send-Off Ideas

There’s no better way to say good bye to your guests than a fun wedding send-off. Wedding send-off ideas can be as simple or elaborate as you and your fiancee desire. From a celebratory run through the crowd to a standing ovation during your final dance of the night. These amazing Wedding Send Off Ideas will thrill your guests and end your celebration on a high note!

Erie Wedding & Event Services - Wedding Photographers - Wedding DJs - Wedding Planning Tips - Erie Pa Planning - Wedding Send-Off Ideas

Traditional Sparkler Send-Off

When it comes to wedding send-off ideas, there’s just something about sparklers that makes them so special. Whether you’re opting for a simple stick-and-string variety or something more elaborate and festive, they’re always a hit with guests. 

Our photographer, DeAngelo, offers these suggestions for sparkler send-off tips for you. DeAngelo says “If you’re planning a sparkler send-off the first thing you need to do is notify your coordinator and photographer so they can prepare. And don’t wait until nightfall. The best time of day for sparkler photos is dusk when there’s still a little light in the sky to help our cameras out.”

Beautiful Bubble Send Off

Next on our List of Wedding Send-Off Ideas is tiny Bubbles! I absolutely love bubbles because they’re safe for guests of all ages with no risk of burns and you’re not on a time limit like you are with sparklers. 

As with any special wedding send off make sure you check with your planner and photographer so everyone is in on it first and can make adjustments to your schedule to fit it in. Also, check with your wedding venue to see if they have any restrictions or limitations. Bubbles should be pretty high on the safety list. 

Erie Wedding & Event Services - Wedding Photographers - Wedding DJs - Wedding Planning Tips - Erie Pa Planning - Wedding Send-Off Ideas
Erie Wedding & Event Services - Wedding Photographers - Wedding DJs - Wedding Planning Tips - Erie Pa Planning - Wedding Send-Off Ideas

Glow Stick Send Off

Moving on to a fantastic alternative to sparklers that go out quickly and are restricted at many venues are Glow Sticks! Glow sticks are a great wedding send-off idea because they are easy to get, come in a large variety of fun colors and are a nice keepsake for the younger guests at your wedding. Just like with sparklers make sure to confer with your planner and photographer because dusk is much better for these photos than after dark.

If you’re planning on having lots of children at your wedding your best send off option is glow sticks which will amuse everyone. Curious about Children at Weddings?

Last Dance Send-Off

This is another of our sweet wedding send-off ideas that you defintely have to incoporate into your wedding day. It’s perfect for winter weddings where the weather isn’t so nice outside or if there is rain on your wedding day. For this send-off the DJ gathers everyone into a circle around the newlweds and plays a favorite ballad with the guests swaying around while the couple enjoys once last dance. 

The best songs for this send off are sing alongs like ‘Friends In Low Places’ or ‘Closing Time’. Whichever song you choose I’m sure the photos will be memorable. This is BY FAR the most popular wedding send-off idea because it can be done rain or shine and no matter what time of day your wedding ends. 

Erie Wedding & Event Services - Wedding Photographers - Wedding DJs - Wedding Planning Tips - Erie Pa Planning - Wedding Send-Off Ideas

In conclusion, planning a wedding send off with your guests is a fun and easy way to create a memorable end to your celebration. There are many different ways to do it, so be sure to choose the option that best suits your personality and the overall tone of your wedding. Have a great time planning your send off and don’t forget to enjoy the moment when it finally arrives!

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