How to Pick the Best Wedding DJ

How to Pick the Best Wedding DJ -
What Questions to Ask

Congrats! The question has been popped and so has the champagne. Now, you’re starting to plan your big day. I bet you’re wondering How To Pick The Best Wedding DJ. Picking the Best Wedding DJ is absolutely crucial to the success of your wedding day. Your Wedding Disc Jockey is literally the wheel that every other aspect of your wedding day revolves around. They are responsible for so much more than hitting the play button. A Wedding DJ MUST understand classic wedding traditions, new trends, how to make announcements that are easily understood by your guests, and how to keep the flow of your Wedding Day going so smooth that no one misses a beat…get it? Beat…DJ…okay never mind….

Getting back to things. I’m guessing you hired the Best Wedding Photographer your budget would allow. Why? Because they capture all your memories of the night. BUT, if you want magical moments for your Photographer to capture, you’ve got to have someone who knows what they are doing creating those moments. And that’s where how to pick the best wedding DJ comes in. So, are you still wondering how to pick the best wedding DJ. Well, follow along and dig deeper. We’ve got a list of the Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your Wedding DJ.

How to Pick the Best Wedding DJ - Wedding DJ Erie Pa - Wedding DJ near me
How to Pick the Best Wedding DJ - Wedding DJ Erie Pa - Wedding DJ near me

Is My Date Available?

Believe it or not, I get several calls and emails each week from eager couples ready to jump into wedding planning who forget to ask if I’m available for their date. They don’t even tell me their date! This question should be obvious. Wedding DJ’s book out anywhere from 10-18 months before the Wedding Date so check first to make sure the Disc Jockey you’re talking too isn’t already booked. In fact, if you’re really dead set on a certain DJ you should reach out as early as possible to reserve the date before some other lucky couple grabs it. How to pick the BEST Wedding DJ? Book early and don’t forget to ask about their schedule!

How Much Experience Do You Have?

If you’re wondering how to pick the best Wedding DJ, this question is key. Not every DJ is the same. A wedding DJ just starting out doesn’t have the advantage of years of in the field experience. A seasoned Wedding Disc Jockey can say “Been there, done that.” They know how to handle and avoid just about any unforeseen wedding disaster. Well, maybe unforeseen to you. (wink) They’ve ‘been there, done that’. That means they know how to make your wedding flow smoothly without any embarrassing mishaps. AND we know how to do it without drawing attention to the issue OR ourselves. Years of experience tend to teach a good wedding DJ to be part of the furniture…almost…well…if your furniture could talk and guide the night…but we blend in…really.

How to Pick the Best Wedding DJ - Wedding DJ Erie Pa - Wedding DJ near me
How to Pick the Best Wedding DJ - Wedding DJ Erie Pa - Wedding DJ near me

How Many Weddings Do You Book A Day?

I know this one might be a shocker to you, but there are DJ’s who will overbook themselves trying to make the money honey. Here’s where we learn a little DJ terminology though. A ‘Single Op’ guy is someone working alone with no other staff. Do you think he should take more than one wedding a day? Then there are your ‘Multi Op’ guys. These are companies with several sets of DJ equipment and a number of DJs on staff to serve you. So, in these cases how to pick the best Wedding DJ can get tricky. Do you want a single guy on his own? What if he gets sick? What if he gets stuck in traffic? Some disadvantages are obvious. But, on the other hand, he’s got the time and attention for you. You know exactly where he’ll be…at your wedding. The ‘single-op’ guy you gotta worry about is the one who tries to make as much money as he can by hustling and booking a wedding Friday night, Saturday afternoon and then tries to rush and get to yours on Saturday night. He’s exhausted and may not even remember your name at that point. 

On the other side of the fence are your mulit-op guys. We’re kind of a multi-op with 2 full DJ teams ready to go out on any given wedding day. There are several very trustworthy multi-ops in Erie, Pa. I know a few who have 3-5 DJ’s on staff and they’re still able to focus on your wedding day and give you the attention you deserve. However, there are also a few larger companies employing 7-10 or more DJ’s. And I’ve heard a lot of complaints from brides who didn’t feel like they were given the attention they paid for. One had no communication at all until 2 weeks before her wedding. She didn’t even know who her DJ was going to be. And when he showed up to the wedding he wasn’t prepared. He knew nothing about her or her wedding plans. In fact, she showed me the napkin he decided to take notes on. And of course, the worse thing that could happen..did happen on her wedding day. He played her processional song during her bridesmaids walk down the aisle and ruined her big moment. So, on the list of how to pick the best wedding DJ…I think finding out what kind of company you’re hiring and if you’ll even know who will be your DJ…should be a high priority. 

How to Pick the Best Wedding DJ - Wedding DJ Erie Pa - Wedding DJ near me

Will You Be the Person At My Wedding?

Remember how I just said that How to Pick the Best Wedding DJ needs to include research about who’s going to be there on your wedding day? No joke, there are those ‘Single Op’ guys who will book more than one wedding a day and then hand your wedding off to a friend with little to no DJ experience so they can make money elsewhere. And, if you’ve hired a ‘Multi Op’ company you’ll still want the assurance of who will be the DJ at your Wedding. A professional DJ will give you the respect of letting you know who will be the DJ so there are no awkward surprises day of. Who wants to walk into their own wedding and meet a stranger for the first time? Our team requires our lead to contact every couple and introduce themselves as soon as we know for sure how our schedule is working that day. Typically, we know at least 6-9 months before your wedding because that’s the latest most people will be making a decision on a DJ. 

What Happens If You Become Unavailable?

One of those critical questions to ask a wedding DJ. If they become unavailable (sick, injured, etc.), how are you going to cover my event? Probe a little further and ask for references for their stand in. For a ‘Single Op’ DJ working alone this may be hard. For a ‘Multi Op’ the options open up a bit as long as they haven’t stretched themselvs too thin for your date. Even if your DJ can’t make it, they should still let you know who will be there.

How to Pick the Best Wedding DJ - Wedding DJ Erie Pa - Wedding DJ near me
How to Pick the Best Wedding DJ - Wedding DJ Erie Pa - Wedding DJ near me
How to Pick the Best Wedding DJ - Wedding DJ Erie Pa - Wedding DJ near me

Do You Have References?

How to Pick the Best Wedding DJ relies a lot on what previous couples have to say about them. References, or in this day, reviews are super important when figuring out how to pick the best wedding dj. Read the reviews online and check the couples out. Do they look like real people or is it just the DJ’s friends and family. If there are any negative reviews weigh them against the great ones. Also, don’t hesitate to ask about a poor review. A great Wedding DJ has nothing to hide and will happily explain any situation to you.

Will You Give Me a Contract?

This is one we all cringe talking about, BUT…there are shady guys out there who will agree to do your wedding and take the payments but never show up. And, if you don’t have a contract you have no way of proving that you hired them. A contract clearly defines what a Wedding DJ is providing you and for how many hours. It also protects you from someone demanding more payment on the day of your wedding. Make sure you’re protected with a signed contract. 

Have You Worked at My Wedding Venue?

This is not a very common question, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Getting the ‘lay of the land’ is really crucial for a Wedding DJ to give you the best service possible. Every venue has a unique floor plan with challenges. Where is the power? What kind of sound does the hall make? If your DJ hasn’t worked at your hall before it’s no reason to skip them over. Make sure they do a site visit before your wedding day to prepare. How to Pick the Best Wedding DJ? Ask them how they’ll handle this situation. Actually, see how excited (or not) they sound about your venue. Oh YEAH! I’ve been there..or oh yeah…I’ve BEEN there. It says a lot. 

What Kind of Music Will You Play?

Wanna really know how to pick the Best Wedding DJ? Ask this question. The response should ALWAYS be: What kind of music do you want me to play? A phenomenal Wedding DJ knows how to add together your likes, your guests requests, and their knowledge of what music works and come up with magic. That’s how a full dance floor is created. The magic of understanding that not every crowd is the same. Your music…your mood…every time. 

How to Pick the Best Wedding DJ - Wedding DJ Erie Pa - Wedding DJ near me
How to Pick the Best Wedding DJ - Wedding DJ Erie Pa - Wedding DJ near me

What is Your DJ Style Like?

When figuring out How to Pick the Best Wedding DJ, this question is a must. Every DJ is as unique as you are. They run their companies differently based on thier own personalities. There’s nothing worse than a loud, flashy DJ at your relaxed backyard wedding with a chic BOHO theme. He’s going to kill your mojo. And, if you’re looking for the biggest party since New Years 1999, a shy DJ who never engages your crowd is going to deflate your party atmosphere. Personality counts.

Will You MC at My Wedding?

This is one that most couples assume instead of ask. We expect a DJ to MC and make important announcements. But, a lot of times a DJ isn’t willing to do this. Usually, it’s beginner DJs or a DJ that works events they aren’t used to talking at. If all you’re looking for is a living juke box maybe you don’t care if the DJ makes announcements for you. But most couples I talk to want their guests to know when things like Cake Cutting and Grand Entrance are happening. It’s up to you. 

What Makes You Unique?

What makes you unique…AKA Why should I hire you? What sets you apart from your competitors? If you’re really intersted in how to pick the best Wedding DJ, then pay attention to the answer to this question. If your DJ isn’t able to answer this without hesitation, they probably aren’t your best choice. A great Wedding DJ knows what makes them stand out. It might be their personality. Maybe it’s their years of experience. Confidence in what you do shows that you love what you do. Don’t you want someone who loves weddings?

How Much Does This Cost?

Notice I put this question last, but almost every single couple makes the mistake of asking it first. They ask how much it costs before they even ask me if I’m available for their date. And asking this question first can set the mood for your entire conversation. Once you’ve heard the price, are you even paying attention to any of the other details that go into amazing DJ service? Most likely, you’ll fall into the trap of hiring the cheapest (and worse) DJ you talked too. Wanna know what the average going rate is for a wedding DJ in Erie Pa?  Make sure you plan accordingly. Sadly, everything has been climbing lately. 

How to Pick the Best Wedding DJ - Wedding DJ Erie Pa - Wedding DJ near me

So, How Do You Pick The Best Wedding DJ?

Well we’ve reached the end of this journey. By now you should have some terrific jumping points on how to hire the Best Wedding DJ for you. What makes the best DJ? Honestly, when it comes down to it, the price should be almost secondary. Sure everyone has budgets, but if you find the right Wedding DJ aren’t they worth the peace of mind that they will provide on your special day? The reality is that if the DJ has explained themselves well, they will present to you the value that they will add to your special day. Their professionalism, their expertise, their ability to earn your trust that your wedding will be in great hands. Ensure that you have a proper budget in mind and you’ll be on your way to finding an excellent DJ for your wedding. Remember too that budgeting enough for a quality DJ gives you peace of mind that the most prominent day of your life is in expert hands. I mean, this is your wedding. You’ll want to know that everything is entrusted to someone who can set your mind at ease.

How Much Should I Expect to Spend on a Wedding DJ?

Now that you’re all geared up with a list of the best questions to ask a Wedding DJ when interviewing them, how much can you expect to budget for such a great pro? You can find out the average cost for Basic Wedding DJ Service in Erie County by clicking the button below.

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