Why Choose a Wedding Professional?

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Wedding Professsional, Beginner, or DIY?

Okay, so we all know there is a LOT to do when planning a wedding day. That being said, the confusion and stress can set in right away. The very first stressful decision is how to choose who will serve your wedding day. After all, there are SO MANY choices out there? How will you pick the right one? To make matters worse, there are some fantastic ideas on Pinterest that can bring a Wedding Vision to life, but at the same time, overwhelm you because most of those projects are DIY. So, the first step is to understand the difference between an experienced Wedding Professional, a Beginner or Part Time person serving weddings, and a DIY Project. Of course, it goes without saying that a Wedding Professional will provide you the highest quality experience with the least amount of worry for your money. But, let’s get into what you can expect from each category of service. 

Erie Wedding & Event Services - Wedding Planning - Hire a Wedding Professional- Wedding Planning Tips

The Wedding Professional

The Wedding Professional is SERIOUS about making your Wedding Day awe-inspiring and memorable. They’ve been around for awhile so they’ve experienced a lot. Wedding Pros who dedicate themselves in this way know the ups, downs, arounds, and surprises that can happen on your Wedding Day. Most importantly, they understand how to prepare, plan, and execute perfect service so that the unpleasant doesn’t happen OR if it does, you never know because they recover before you even notice. Of course, a true professional will have online reviews and client testimonials for you to see as well as samples of their previous work. In addtion, it’s important to note that a seasoned wedding professional will cost more than a beginner/amatuer. But, they are worth their weight in gold. These pros will make your day seamless and enjoyable for you.

It’s best to hire Wedding Professionals in the most important roles for your Wedding Day such as Photographer, Disc Jockey, and Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator. This is where it’s really going to count as far as results go. 

Other strong areas to consider a pro are Wedding Videography & Catering

The Beginner or ‘Amateur’

Words that every pro hates to hear: “Oh I have a friend who used to (fill in the blank) in high school so they are doing that for me.” Why do we hate to hear this? Because this family friend is most likely an Amateur or to put it nicely…a Hobbiest. As a Hobbiest, the family friend doesn’t have the skill or experience it takes to tackle a complex project like a wedding day. While you may enjoy nibbling on your college roommates 2 AM brownies, can she really cater a 150 person wedding the way a pro can? The biggest enticement for hiring a Hobbiest is the lower cost. The biggest regret is trusting your ONLY Wedding Day to a friend or family member with little to no experience and NEVER getting the chance to correct that decision. 

We understand everyone has a budget, but we ask every couple to consider the outcome of trusting the Biggest Day of your life to someone who doesn’t do this as a career. Not only are you risking disappointing results, you’re also putting strain on your relationship. Getting excited watching bridal shows, reading magazines, and searching Pinterest can leave you with high expectations that a Hobbiest can’t deliver.  

Erie Wedding & Event Services - Wedding Planning - Hire a Wedding Professional- Wedding Planning Tips
Erie Wedding & Event Services - Wedding Planning - Hire a Wedding Professional- Wedding Planning Tips

The DIY Myth

You knew we’d get here eventually. The DIY lifestyle is one of the largest trends today with Pinterest inspiring hundreds of eager and unsuspecting people to jump into projects they aren’t prepared for. I love a good DIY project myself. I can’t completely knock it. Right now I have a few chairs and end tables in my garage I’ll be refinishing soon. However, my used furniture project isn’t going to affect the rest of my life or worse..leave me with heart breaking regret if I do it wrong. There is a time and place for DIY projects. The only wedding day you’ll ever get, your no do-overs wedding day…might not be the best place to DIY anything.

I read a DIY Photo Booth blog the other day and added up the cost of the supplies for the couple to build their own DIY Photo Booth. The investment the blogger called for was more than I charge for a Professional Rental. I was shocked. So, unsuspecting couples will go through the pain and time to build their own photo booth backdrop AND purchase props and cameras for a lower quality experience than a professional booth? But it happens every day because couples don’t understand what DIY really means.

So, Why Hire a Wedding Professional?

To sum it up: A Wedding Professional has years of experience, the skill, talent, and knows how to pull off your Perfect Wedding Vision without causing you stress. Not only do they have the experience it takes to make a Wedding Day flawless, they’ve already invested in all of the high quality equipment it takes to pull off that perfect day. A professional caterer isn’t scrambling for a kitchen with big enough ovens to bake 300 tiny tacos all at the same time so your guests eat them while they are warm and gooey. Your Professional Baker owns large variety of baking pans and decorating tools to customize your cake. A Professional Wedding Photographer owns several professional grade cameras with multiple lenses and lights they use during your day to capture the magic. And finally, a Professional Wedding DJ invests in high quality gear and music and has the experience to guide your guests through the most memorable night of your life. This is why you must weigh the decision carefully on who to trust your Wedding Day to. While DIY seems magical when you read that first blog, an I-Pad playing your favorite songs over your dads 1975 garage speakers won’t fill the dance floor the way a pro can. It’s just never the same. And even though we all have a budget, it’s a better idea to scrimp on things people won’t remember like colored napkins with your name and wedding date on them and instead put those funds into something like a Fantastic Wedding Professional who will capture all the joy on your Wedding Day.


How Do You Choose a Wedding Professional? 

And finally, we’ve arrived at the biggest questions of all. How exactly do I choose a Wedding Professional? It’s easier than you think as long as you follow a simple formula. 

  1. Check them out online. Read reviews (actually read what people are saying, don’t just look at the star rating). What kind of experience did previous clients have with this pro and will they fit your personality and needs? You can get a list of 3-5 pros in each service area just by reading reviews.
  2. Contact the Wedding Professional and setup a time to talk. While some pros have online profiles that will inspire and amaze you, they still may not be the right fit if you don’t feel comfortable with them. Interview by telephone, zoom meeting, or face to face to get a better feel for how they’ll handle your day. I’ll put a few links below you can follow to guide you on what to ask. 
  3. Ask for a portfolio. See what they’ve done in the past. With photography view an entire wedding day, not just the highlights. 
  4. Go with your gut. As Americans we’re taught to judge based on price and go with what seems like the best deal. However, when talking about the more important items in your life you need to make a decision based on far more than price. You can buy a $30,000 house in a terrible neighborhood or you can spend $130,000 in a quiet neighborhood and feel peace of mind. Cost should be the last consideration if you really love a Wedding Professionals product and personality. They are creating and capturing moments you’ll never forget. 

Lets' Start Planning

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