Hosting a Micro Wedding in Erie Pa

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What is a Micro Wedding in Erie Pa?

A micro wedding is a term used to describe a more intimate wedding on a smaller scale. It’s usually reserved for weddings with 50 or less attendees including the bridal party. Micro Weddings in Erie Pa are on the uprise with the changes during 2020. Couples who originally planned celebrations with 175 or more people are suddenly realizing they need to adapt to the changing times and have opted instead to downsize their wedding plans. 

Now that an entire generation has experienced the romance and comfort of micro weddings these elegant affairs have become more and more common…and we LOVE it!!! I’m talking from personal experience as both a wedding planner and lead photographer for our team. Micro Weddings with less than 75 guests allow our couples to enjoy their day and relax more than ever before. With the bonus being some outstanding bridal party and newlywed photos we never used to have the time to capture. Learn a little more here about hosting a micro wedding in Erie Pa!

Erie Wedding & Event Services - Wedding Planning - Micro Wedding in Erie Pa - Wedding Planning Tips

Why choose to host a Micro Wedding in Erie Pa?

After 2020 many couples took some serious thought into what was important to them. That year our Wedding Team saw the resilience and determination that a national tragedy can bring about. Couples started weighing out what was really important to them. And they discovered some pretty amazing reasons to host a micro wedding in Erie Pa. The first is the intimacy. Being able to visit with each of your guests and bridal party members in a meaningful way is the best thing that came about. Next is the relaxation factor. Instead of being on the go for 12 hours between hair & makeup, photos, ceremony, more photos and then a 5-6 hour long reception AND then passing out as soon as you hit the hotel room…couples experienced the benefit of the shorter time frame. Most Micro Weddings only last 3-5 hours instead of 8-10. Leaving you feeling energized and refreshed when the celebration is over. 

How do I plan a Micro Wedding in Erie Pa?

Planning a Micro Wedding in Erie Pa is easy when local vendors have adapted alongside you to cope with the changes during 2020. Many local vendors created special smaller packages during that time and some have chosen to continue to offer those packages. Just yesterday I took a call from a couple planning an intimate wedding day who thought they’d have to book one of our larger packages. They were thrilled to discover that we’re still offering smaller options. 

Some tips are to secure a wedding planner who knows the area well and has been established long enough to find you the right venue and vendors for a smaller affair. There are many very nice venues that can hold a micro wedding in Erie Pa while still feeling cozy. The Schoolhouse, Kingview Mead, and Beach Glass Estates are all ideal venues for small weddings. 

Erie Wedding & Event Services - Wedding Planning - Micro Wedding in Erie Pa - Wedding Planning Tips
Erie Wedding & Event Services - Wedding Planning - Micro Wedding in Erie Pa - Wedding Planning Tips

Other Benefits to a Micro Wedding in Erie Pa

So, we talked a bit about how a micro wedding in Erie Pa can mean more intimacy, less stress and leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. But there is one other HUGE benefit to hosting a smaller wedding. BUDGET. Especially with the cost of everything sky rocketing lately. The average cost of planning a wedding in Erie Pa can be up to $45,000 right now. The largest portion of that budget is your catering cost. The average price for food is $30-$45 per person. Just check out our favorite caterer over at Caterie, Elegant Cuisine to see current rates. It makes sense if food is $35.00 per person that inviting 75 guests is going to cost far less than 175. In addition, many other vendors, like our sister team at Silver & Sage Studios, offers micro or elopement packages that are a fraction of the cost for service. You can expect to invest $3,000-$4,000 in all day wedding photography, but their 4 hour packages is closer to $1,500.  Even our Wedding DJ team has a few elopement & micro wedding options to make your day a little more budget friendly. 

We can’t tell you what to do, and we’ll be there for you to help create and capture the magic of your Wedding Story no matter how big or small your wedding celebration is. But, I’m sure you can see why we’re in LOVE with Micro Weddings in Erie Pa and we hope to do more in the future! If you want a unique, intimate, and elegant affair…we’re here for you. 

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